Kuching, The Cat City

Cats are one of the most popular pets out there, in fact, cats are the second most popular pet in the United States by numbers of pets owned, only behind freshwater fish.

Cats were highly venerated in ancient Egypt, due to this they were believed by many people to have been domesticated there, but there have been examples of domestication long before that, as early as 9500 years ago or 7500 BC.

It’s not really hard to understand why this beautiful animal is loved by most people. Cats are beautiful and easy to take care of because of their independence as well as their great hunting skills which make them able to get food if the owner can’t or forgot to provide it.


The city of Kuching is of those cities that is not too famous but once you visit it you never want to leave. Popular because of its food, Kuching is the main gateway for travelers that are visiting Borneo and Sarawak.

Kuching’s architectural heritage and historic Chinatown are really well-preserved and make this city incredibly beautiful, even though it doesn’t have Unesco protection, and there is rarely a high-rise to spoil the sky.

Street food has always been one of the things that define Kuching because it has always been spectacular, but now, there are also really fun bars and bistros, and a big variety of accommodation from backpacker hostels to boutique hotels.

In spite of its growth, the city retains a small-town, laid-back environment, with tons of friendly locals that love to meet visitors who made it all the way to Borneo.


If you haven’t heard of the city, you are probably wondering what do cats have to do with Kuching. Well, a lot.

Even though the meaning of Kuching’s name seems to be lost in history. Many people say it comes from the Malay word kucing, wich means cat (The letter c is pronounced as ch in Malay), giving Kuching its nickname “Cat City”.

Cat city is the most common nickname, and the city and people have fully embraced it. Kuching has not only tons of cat souvenir stores and statues of cats, but also an incredible cat museum which is on top of a sixty-meter-high hill that gives an astonishing view over the city.

The cat museum has more than four thousand cat artifacts in its four main galleries that include paintings and memorials that are obviously related to cats. 

These artifacts were acquired from the National Museum of Kuala Lumpur and were first displayed on August 1st of 1988 at the Putra World Trade Center, Dewan Tun Abdul Razak.

Exhibitions of the museum include a cat that was mummified in ancient Egypt, a huge gallery of advertising related to felines, and the 5 species of wild cats that are found in Borneo.

The museum is worthy of a visit, and like all museums in Sarawak, you don’t have to pay anything to visit it only a small fee if you want to use a camera.

Cats define Kuching as they are the main attraction in the city and it makes the city a really different place from others which gives it this fresh vibe that many travelers enjoy because everyone enjoys new things. This is why Kuching has so many tourists visiting it who make the city one of the most popular tourist destination of Sarawak and Borneo.

If you really love cats and enjoy traveling to different places to taste new food and discover other cultures, you should definitely visit Kuching as it has something for everyone and will satisfy your important need of great Kuching food.